Rabbi Hannah Kapnik Ashar


Hannah Kapnik Ashar is in her final year as a fellow in Hadar’s Advanced Kollel, where, this year, she is studying the laws of mourning, marriage, and conversion, alongside studies in midrash and prayer. As a fellow in Atra’s Fellowship for Rabbinic Entrepreneurs, Hannah runs Jewish women*’s spiritual practice spaces, building community and supporting living with a more quiet heart, through Torah – particularly that of women mystics, generative writing, tefilah, and seasonal retreats. Hannah is returning to be faculty with the Bronfman Fellowship this summer, where she will be serving as Director of Faculty. Hannah served for five years as the Associate Spiritual Leader of Congregation Bonai Shalom, the Conservative synagogue in Boulder, Colorado. She graduated from Wellesley College cum laude and has studied at Hadar and Pardes. Hannah lives in Denver, Colorado and is married to Yoni, who, like Hannah, studies and teaches how people can approach their experience more skillfully, but as a neuroscientist and clinical psychologist. Their daughters are Zivi, Ayala, and Mira Tair.

*Hannah uses Svivah’s definition of Jewish women, as anyone who would like to be in a circle of Jewish women.