rabbis in the
real world

Atra trains and supports rabbis to practice their art ‘bkhol atar v’atar’ in every place imaginable.
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Rabbis rising to the challenges
of today’s moment
It is an art, a
practice and a calling
all at once.

For centuries being a rabbi meant presiding over a town or a synagogue. In the 21st century, rabbis are also working on campuses and in prisons, online and in person, in hospitals and in recovery programs, in homes and in cafes, in Yeshivot and on street corners–everywhere that our community is found and built.

Atra is the only organization dedicated to rabbinic innovation providing rabbis of all denominations and roles with ongoing professional support and training over the entire arc of their careers. We conduct research on rabbinic leadership, support entrepreneurial rabbis to build new communities and projects, and provide training to allow all rabbis to continually grow their practice and adapt their leadership for our ever-changing world. Atra empowers rabbis to lead with vision, and connect with our ever-evolving people, everywhere they are.

Our fellows draw from the beautiful tapestry of American Jewish experience.

Where the People

Our fellows draw from the beautiful tapestry of American Jewish experience.

the Atra Rabbis
Sivan Rotholz
Fellowship for Rabbinic Entrepreneurs 2022-'23
“The Jewish leaders of today
are facing an unprecedented
Jewish tomorrow. Atra is deeply
invested in training, equipping,
and empowering us as rabbis
to rise to the occasion and
serve the Jewish future.”
Our Programs

Atra is transforming the impact and reach of rabbinic leadership through pluralistic, cohort-based training and individualized support for spiritual leaders as they serve in the field.

Our Research: Featured Studies

Atra conducts applied research to develop and implement continuing education to support spiritual leaders and to advance the field of Jewish spiritual leadership.

FAQs. Questions people ask us

What is unique about Atra and its programs?

We do applied learning for rabbis, across the denominational spectrum.

That means helping you do the art, science and practice of rabbi-ing better, applied to your actual circumstances as you learn. Thus our work tends to be a little more concrete, a bit less abstract. You will also be among colleagues from different backgrounds, able to learn from people and places outside of your own immediate experience. Our goal is ultimately about how to help you build a stronger community, serve the Jewish people better, and grow relationships with a cadre of peers and experts as you grow your practice over time.

All kinds of

Atra participants skill-up on everything
under the sun, from spreadsheets to
spiritual leadership.

How to align your work with your vision and calling along with the needs of your people.
How to scale my emergent community.
How to launch a new project or community, and grow it into something bigger
How to find investors to fund your work.
How to use the best part of yourself better.
How to build a group of people to advise and guide you.
How to deepen relationships and get more people to show up.
How to adapt your teaching skills to the new ways people learn.
Rabbi Yonah Berman
Fellowship for Rabbinic Innovation 2022-'23
Dean of Rabbinic Initiatives, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah
“I am deeply grateful to Atra
for helping find the leader in
myself and empowering me
to make positive changes in
the communities I serve.”