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Share, Learn, & Grow
Together in both
Personal & Professional
Communities of Action and Practice
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Navigate and nurture thriving Jewish communities amidst differing viewpoints
Facilitating Difficult Conversations
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Atra is coming to you!
Atra Field Academy
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Elevate your
Flourish – Mindfulness Certification for Rabbis and Jewish Communal Professionals
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Stay connected
in this moment
and beyond
Torah that Responds to This Moment with Rabba Yaffa Epstein 
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Coaching and support
for NNJ rabbis
Rabbinic Helpline: Coaching for a Time of Crisis
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Driving change in
the Garden State
Rabbinic (re)Design Fellowship N. New Jersey
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From Torah Lishma to
Torah l’shem Kehillah
The Atra-IYUN Teaching Lab
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The management
side of spiritual
Managing Up, Down, and All Around: Level Up Your Leadership
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Leveraging the unique
role of clergy educators
as changemakers
ARJE (re)Design Lab for Clergy Educators
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When the only constant is change
and you are about to begin a new role
Rabbinic (re)Design Lab: Onboarding for Rabbis Starting a New Job
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Grow your
Im Ein Kemach, Ein Torah: Fundraising Role Play Practice for Spiritual Leaders
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Coaching through
your greatest
Elul challenges
Elul Helpline
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A crash course for
your “second brain”:
The Rabbi’s Second Brain: The Technologies That Help Us Get Things Done
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What's your
“So What”?
My Rabbinate: So What and Why
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As an innovator on
the inside, you know
the only constant
is change
Builders from the Inside Fellowship
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Strengthening our ability
to serve
Future Visions of Jewish Spiritual Leadership
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Implementing your
vision for your
Rabbinic (re)Design Lab
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Build the community
you seek to serve
Fellowship for Rabbinic Entrepreneurs
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You’ve been around the block.
Now build the community you
seek to serve
Fellowship for Rabbinic Innovation
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Beyond ‘tushes
in seats’
Finding Your People: Relational Community Building
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Talk through your
biggest challenges
Individualized Coaching and Consulting
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Expand your reach.
Grow your visibility
From One to One Million: Relational Organizing and Communications
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