Erev Rav Sivan Rotholz


Sivan Rotholz has more than a decade of experience teaching Torah and exploring spirituality and ritual. An HUC rabbinical student inspired by the Jewish imperative to plant seeds for future generations, she is working to launch an urban village movement that is both timely and deeply rooted in tradition. A Wexner Graduate Fellowship alum with a Master’s in Nonprofit Management from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Sivan is constantly researching and tracking innovations in the North American Jewish community. As she considers how our proven models of synagogues and JCCs might partner with new and dynamic models of Jewish community to create vibrant local ecosystems, she is inspired by organizations such as Honeymoon Israel, Base, One Table, and Moishe House, among others. At a time when it is clearer than ever that “it takes a village,” Sivan is committed to serving the Jewish people by building that communal home base.