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As rabbis and Jewish clergy, this year is calling us to be spiritual first responders in a way that we could never have imagined. In listening to you, we hear that one of the things you need more than anything is even a sliver of time and space to reflect on your own practice, in these days where it is really hard to “lift our eyes.”

Atra wants to help you make sense of what your work looks like and what you hope it can be and receive practical support with thought partners who “get” you. This spring, thanks to donors understanding how important you are right now, we can offer some of our workshops tuition-free. And we know how incredibly limited your time is so we are coming to you – in-person and online.

Choose a content area most relevant to you, and we will provide learning that is tailored to the unique needs and interests of your group. 

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Content Offerings

Each stand-alone session is 75-90 minutes long and designed specifically for rabbis and Jewish clergy, providing space for reflection, ideation, and skill building.


My Rabbinate: So What and Why

WHY DID I CHOOSE THIS ROLE!?!?!? HOW CAN I DO EVERYTHING THAT IS NEEDED!?!?!?!?! How often, especially since October 7, do you scream this inside your head? It can be hard to retain a sense of vision and purpose when we are drained or stretched to the limit. It can be anxiety provoking to reflect on whether we are doing the work we intended. This session is a chance to reconnect with yourself, reflect on your work, reanimate your core sense of purpose and vision, and consider how you might make small and actionable changes to realign some of your work towards realizing your mission as a rabbi.

Relational Community Building

This work isn’t about “tushes in seats,” but we rabbis and Jewish spiritual leaders are in the people business. Many of us are experiencing people suddenly showing up in ways and numbers that are unique to this moment. Some are showing up with a one-dimensional connection that is in some way reactive to the events unfolding after October 7th. This crisis can become an opportunity to create deeper, more meaningful, and longer-term community ties, and there are specific skills we can put to work to facilitate that. Whether getting people to show up, welcoming new people in, or making space for someone looking to connect in new ways, it all takes planning, thought, and technique. In this workshop, we’ll share a high-touch, relationship based approach to augmenting your community-building efforts.

The Rabbi’s Second Brain: Tools and Tips to Help You Get Stuff Done

Do you ever think to yourself, “If only there were two of me!” Especially after October 7, when the demands placed upon you are greater than ever,. we got you, Rabbi. No, we can’t clone you but we can help you get organized, clear, and creative. Each of us has assembled a suite of technologies, softwares, and inboxes to get our work done more elegantly and efficiently (Salesforce. Notebird. Asana. Google Cal. ChatGPT). But with a sea of options, constantly evolving tech, and institutional constraints, how do we choose which tools work best? Join us for a crash course in assembling your “second brain,” i.e. an external system for personal knowledge and task and time management. Leave with concrete ideas for how to simplify your life and amplify your toolbox.

A Rabbi’s “Jobs to Be Done”

As you engage with your people, how can you determine what they really need? Especially in a moment of shifting identities, perceptions, and needs in our community? How do you know what your job is as a rabbi, and what isn’t? Through learning the concept of “Jobs to Be Done,” (but with a spiritual leadership lens) we will explore who you serve as a spiritual leader – both the divine and your people. In this session, we will share with our colleagues our sacred service and what we understand as our people’s needs and wants. We will define the questions to ask in one-on-ones to better understand your unique Jobs to Be Done and how to decipher learnings from one-on-ones to inspire new ideas.

Adaptive Rabbinic Leadership and Navigating Change

Leadership is a relational activity and requires a deep awareness of the complex and evolving systems in which we live and work. At a time when change is so palpable, we will tap into the framework of adaptive leadership to reflect on and hone the skills required to navigate the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that can come up in ourselves and others when faced with change. Whether bringing a new idea to life or responding to shifting external realities (like the current crisis), this session will enhance your ability to guide your community through transformative times while staying true to your values and mission.


Atra is offering customized learning for boards of rabbis and other rabbinic groups online and in person throughout 2024. 

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