Future Visions of Jewish Spiritual Leadership


Join us for an intimate gathering of practitioners and leaders in the growing field of Jewish spiritual innovation 

Hosted at Spertus Institute/Venue SIX10,
610 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL


Hosted by

Atra, Base, Moishe House, the Jewish Learning Collaborative, the Jewish Emergent Network, and Pardes



In a world of constant change,  our current organizations are not always equipped to meet the needs of 21st century Jews.

In every generation, spiritual entrepreneurs (rabbis, clergy, chaplains, and others) have stepped forward to create new models of leadership in an effort to bring meaning, purpose, and a sense of belonging to the Jewish people.  Across our diverse organizations and inhabiting a multitude of roles, we are all working hard to create change on the ground and  forge new ways of connecting, inspiring and supporting our communities. But it can sometimes feel lonely and perhaps even competitive as we all rely on philanthropy.

What would it look like to take 36 hours away from the “doing” to join together to share knowledge and expertise to enrich our work, deepen our relationships with one another, and strengthen our ability to serve the Jewish people as an emerging ecosystem – comprised of many parts of a much larger whole?  



Meet the team behind this gathering and learn why we’re invested in this work. 


Rabbi Ana Bonnheim 
Founding Executive Director, Jewish Learning Collaborative

There are so many human experiences we all share – the intense feelings of joy and anxiety, the hopes and challenges of big decision making, existential questions about who we are and what makes life meaningful. Jewish tradition is made up of generations and generations of people doing their best wrestle with our shared human experience.

My work is all about investing in people who create space for these kinds of conversations. From running the Open Dor Project to building the Jewish Learning Collaborative, I choose this work and this journey, because I believe that Judaism is a multivocal, ever-growing tradition with deep wisdom and insight for us all.


Justin Rosen Smolen
Director, Jewish Emergent Network

In our fractured and polarized world, bold and courageous leadership urgently matters, yet our culture and systems encourage us to operate in silos that not only hinder our ability to serve but leave us feeling lonely and depleted.  With my incredible colleagues, I’m thrilled to help bring together a diverse group of entrepreneurial Jewish spiritual leaders across networks to begin breaking down these silos and envision the world we can create in solidarity and partnership. 

Dr. Rebekah Thornhill Tokatlilar
Chief Program Officer, Atra

I am committed to centering the needs, wants, ideas and hopes of the dreamers who feel called to lead the Jewish people. They spend extraordinary amounts of time and energy looking out for everyone else – who is looking out for them?


Faith Brigham Leener
Chief Innovation Officer, Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies & Founder, Base

I’ve spent the last decade learning from and with Rabbis and spiritual leaders across the United States. Along the way, I’ve come to believe that: 1) There are many incredible Jewish spiritual leaders eager to guide the Jewish people and 2) The Jewish people, like all human beings, are in deep need of spiritual guidance, especially in light of the state of the world 3) These spiritual leaders need new “pulpits” to inhabit that actually meet people where they are. I founded Base as a response to this reality and I know that it is only the tip of the iceberg of what’s possible. 


Rabbi Ari Perten
VP of Programming, Moishe House

I care deeply about the Jewish future and those who invest their lives in service of the Jewish people.  I am excited to continue to explore and refine how we might make better accessible the critical Jewish wisdom and values that will help redeem this world.



We will continue to update this section as we get closer to the convening.


Where is this happening?

Chicago, IL. Exact Location in process. We will update this site as soon as we have confirmed details and if you RSVP, we will email you directly as well.

What does this cost to me?

Nothing. Thanks to generous funding from all our organizations who are invested in the future of Jewish spiritual leadership, we are able to cover the costs of all your flights, lodging, activities and nourishment while we are together.

How did you curate the invite list?

We have tried to invite a mix of practitioners, thought leaders, and organizers who have spent serious time invested in spiritual leadership. We are inviting people that we trust to show up with an open mind and heart, eager to learn from one another and uplift our shared values and dreams.

What can I expect?

Curated and open time to….

  • Deepen our relationships through learning about what calls us to this work
  • Identify common interests and intersecting efforts
  • Ask Important questions and inhabit alternative perspectives
  • Nourish our souls and re-fill our wellsprings
What else do you need from me?

Your RSVP and commitment to show up.