Managing Up, Down, and All Around: Level Up Your Leadership


Feeling stuck between your board and a hard place? Do you find yourself caught between pastoring and managing your direct reports? Join Ariel Moritz, Dr. Rebekah Tokatlilar and other management experts to learn tools and techniques for navigating the management side of spiritual leadership. Using participant-generated case-studies, you’ll workshop with a supportive cohort of peers, blend theory with practice, and apply learnings in real time.


Session Dates

Session 1: June 6
Motivate and Inspire Through Core Values

Session 2: June 13
Design and Facilitate Effective and Inclusive Meetings

Session 3: June 20
Let’s Talk Tachles: Boundary Setting for Managers who Care


All workshops will take place at 3-4:30pm ET/12-1:30pm PT.

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