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How are you different from all the other people doing this?

We do applied learning for rabbis, across the denominational spectrum. That means helping you do the art, science and practice of rabbi-ing better, applied to your actual circumstances as you learn. Thus our work tends to be a little more concrete, a bit less abstract.

You will also be among colleagues from different backgrounds, able to learn from people and places outside of your own immediate experience. Our goal is ultimately about how to help you build a stronger community, serve the Jewish people better, and grow relationships with a cadre of peers and experts as you grow your practice over time.

But my circumstances are so unique…

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Will the other Rabbis know more than me?

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Are my politics going to align with other folks? On Israel? On America? On Netflix?

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I am a Cantor, a poseket, a spiritual guide, a rosh kehilah, but not a rabbi. Can I still come?

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