Rabbi Daniel Bogard


How might we use technology to create meaningful streaming and interactive worship experiences, even if we are not technological experts?

Rabbi Bogard, a rabbi and tech hobbyist, has figured out how to use free technological solutions to stream images of the siddur, while also moving seamlessly from live interaction to pre-recorded video. In this episode, he explains how to do so, even for those of us without advanced technical skills. A transcript of this episode is available here.

Download Daniel’s Guide to Live Streaming for the Perplexed here.


About Rabbi Daniel Bogard

Daniel Bogard (along with his co-rabbi and life partner Karen) is a rabbi at Central Reform Congregation, a 36-year-old urban, progressive community of 800 in St.. Louis, Missouri. Whether in Peoria where they were community rabbis, Cincinnati where they worked at a USCJ shul, or at CRC in St. Louis, Daniel and Karen have always split both their “1.25x” job and their parenting of their three kids. Daniel has taught at both Hebrew Union College and Bradley University; he has worked as the Rabbi in Residence of the Episcopal Diocese of Cincinnati, and his interfaith work in Peoria was featured in the documentary, “The No Joke Project.” He is deeply proud to be a Senior Rabbinic Fellow of the Shalom Hartman Institute.