Tony Bacigalupo


How might we better use old and new technologies to build meaningful communities in a time of physical distancing?

Tony, one of the earliest experts in community co-working, had already pivoted to online community building before the pandemic. In this episode, Tony talks to us about using old and new technologies for creating meaningful communities across physical distance.


About Tony Bacigalupo

Tony Bacigalupo has been an organizer, entrepreneur, artist, gatherer, experimenter, alliance builder, and dreamer for his whole adult life. He built Manhattan’s first coworking space as a community gathering center. He organizes unconferences. He speaks, he writes, he looks for ways to get good people together in the room.

Most recently, Tony’s been helping community organizers design safe and effective gatherings through his Crash Course in Organizing Online: http://nwc.co/crashcourse

Tony also offers personal coaching services for high-level strategy and big challenges: http://tonybacigalupo.com/coaching