What is unique about Atra and its programs?

At Atra, we get it. The essence of the Torah doesn’t change, but the world around us does. You might be searching for fresh perspectives, eager to start something new, or simply longing for a group that understands the challenges and joys of your role. With Atra, you’re not just learning – you’re connecting. Dive into a community where every rabbi/Jewish spiritual leader, whether newly minted or with years of wisdom, comes to grow. We’re here to help you enhance your community, touch the hearts of the Jewish people in new ways, and form genuine friendships with colleagues that will light up your path.”

I am a Cantor, a poseket, a yoetzet halacha, a mashpia ruchani/t, a rosh kehilah, but not a rabbi. Can I still come?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a Cantor, poseket, yoetzet halacha, mashpia ruchani/t, rosh kehilah, or any other role with deep Jewish knowledge and leadership, you’re welcome here. If you’ve committed to advanced studies, typically from a seminary or yeshiva, and your community looks to you in a role similar to that of a rabbi, we believe you deserve the support and training to shine even brighter. Let’s chat about your journey and see how we can support you.

But my circumstances are so unique…I won’t fit in a cohort or class.

Feeling like your situation is a bit different? You’d be surprised by how much we share. We’re all passionate about making Judaism resonate in a fast-paced world full of distractions and big questions. Whether you’re part of a large establishment or a small group, from a traditional or progressive background, your unique experiences add richness to our collective journey. At Atra, we offer programs that celebrate diverse practices and some tailored to specific roles, ensuring everyone feels seen and supported. Plus, there’s always a space for personalized guidance. Come find your community with us.

Will the others be my peers in terms of experience? In terms of knowledge?

Every one of us is on a unique journey as a spiritual leader, and that’s the beauty of it. While some may have similar experiences or knowledge as you, others might bring fresh perspectives or insights you haven’t encountered. And isn’t that the essence of learning? With Atra, you’ll find programs tailored to specific stages of one’s career, as well as others that weave together colleagues with diverse experiences. Embrace the diversity, and let’s grow together.

I don’t have time and I can’t commit, and I will be interrupted anyway.

Feel like you’re juggling a thousand things at once? We’ve been there. Founded by clergy, we know the drill—endless meetings, constant requests, and that feeling that there’s just not enough time in the day. But here’s a thought: Taking a moment for yourself, for your own growth and development, might just be the game-changer. By investing a little time in refining our focus and skills, we often discover we’ve gained time in return. The work becomes more rewarding, more engaging, and let’s face it, a lot more fun. Let us be that breath of fresh air you’ve been needing.

Are my politics going to align with other folks? On Israel? On America? On Netflix?

We are here to learn to be better rabbis. There will inevitably be some political disagreement. That is not our focus, but we’re not scared of it either. We believe in learning from other people even if we diverge on some issues or practices. We are big enough to see more of what we share than what we don’t share.

Will I have to open up and talk about my feelings?

Sharing your feelings? Well, while we’re not therapists, we are a community of thinkers and leaders. Here, authenticity is embraced. If you feel like opening up, we’re here to listen and support. It’s all about what feels right for you and what will help you grow. Let’s be real together.

What will I learn at Atra that I can’t learn anywhere else/don’t already know?

Curious about what makes Atra special? Here’s the heart of it: At Atra, we’re not just about knowledge, we’re about mastery. Yes, we’ll dive deep into everything from mastering spreadsheets to harnessing spiritual leadership. But it goes beyond that:

-Align your work with your vision and the needs of your community.
-Engage diverse audiences, making teachings resonate across generations.
-Connect with both familiar groups and those who offer a fresh perspective.
-Secure funding and support for your initiatives.
-Launch and nurture thriving communities and projects.
-Collaborate effectively with boards and teams.
-Streamline your time management, making your goals more attainable.
-Lead with both authority and compassion, creating a vibrant, ethical workspace.
-Identify and mentor emerging leaders in your community.
-Amplify your strengths and use them to their fullest potential.
-Articulate your story with passion and clarity.

At Atra, we’re about comprehensive growth. So, come and discover insights and skills you didn’t even know you were missing!

Where does the name Atra come from?

Atra has roots in the Aramaic term for a rabbi, “Mara d’Atra,” which means “Authority of the Place.” Historically, this referred to specific places like synagogues or study halls. But in today’s ever-changing world, spiritual leaders are making connections everywhere: from cozy living rooms and bustling campuses to virtual spaces in the metaverse. Just as the term ‘rabbi’ has evolved to encapsulate a myriad of roles in modern times, ‘Atra’ embodies the dynamic spaces and communities they serve today. It’s about leadership and connection, wherever that may be.”

Rabbi Isaiah Rothstein
Fellowship for Rabbinic Entrepreneurs 2019-'20
Rabbinic Scholar and Public Affairs Advisor, JFNA
“Atra gave me concrete skills
that speak to my strengths and
empower not just leaders, but
the communities we build.”