My Rabbinate: So What and Why



How often do you scream this inside your head? It can be hard to retain a sense of vision and purpose when we are drained or stretched to the limit. It can be anxiety provoking to reflect on whether we are doing the work we intended.

This hour is a chance to reconnect with yourself, reanimate your core sense of purpose and vision, and consider how you might make small changes to realign some of your work towards realizing your mission as a rabbi.



Date and Time

The next date and time for this workshop will be announced soon.

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“Atra resources and training are meant to support rabbis at all stages of their careers, and who work in different roles and settings. The content and presentation were engaging, and precisely tailored to meet the needs of all participants. It was evident that significant thought and intention went into developing the materials at an appropriate level.”
Participant, So What and Why Workshop